Arts.Buzz brings "buzz" to arts and cultural pieces, allowing the items to send impactful audio and visual messages to you through the APP. It is one of the first Internet of Things applications to the art and cultural world. With the supplementary text, narrations and images, the Arts.Buzz APP facilitates deeper connections and appreciation between the art pieces and you.


Arts.Buzz is your digital tour guide. When you approach an art piece, the APP will bring up the corresponding information about the item and author. The audio narratives will explain the main concepts and fine details in the background while you focus on your observations. You can select your language of preference and in selected shows, the artists will even record in their own voices.


You can find all the contemporary and past shows in the APP. Arts.Buzz aims to become your comprehensive guide to arts and cultural exhibitions in Macau. It provides an interesting preview of concurrent shows and a detailed recap of past events. All past, current and future information are handily available at your fingertips.

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